Political ad spend to thank for radio ad revenue increase

Advertising revenue for metropolitan commercial radio stations climbed significantly in the month of July 2013, thanks to an increase in political ad spend. Figures released yesterday by industry body, Commercial Radio Australia, show revenue from commercial radio advertising is up 8.97% to $57.044 million – making the sixth consecutive month of growth.

All markets increased on July 2012 numbers, according to the 2013 ‘Metropolitan Commercial Radio Advertising Revenue’ (sourced by Delloitte). Melbourne led the way, up 14.19% to $17.892 million, while Sydney grew by 7.31% to $18.006 million.

Chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia, Joan Warner says, “Several factors, including recent political ad spend, have contributed to a very positive start for radio in the new financial year. That this growth is part of an ongoing six-month trend highlights the industry’s strength and resilience”.

In other markets, Adelaide grew by 8.49% to a total of $5.101 million, Perth was up 6.09% to $7.384 million and Brisbane reached $8.661 million, up 5.12%.

For the 2012-13 financial year Radio ad revenue increased by 0.41% to $683.498 million. “Radio delivers live, local, high quality content and continues to perform robustly in testing trading conditions,” Warner says.

Break down of commercial ad revenue:

  • Melbourne up by 14.9% to $17.892m
  • Sydney up by 7.31% to $18.006m
  • Adelaide up by 8.49% to $5.101m
  • Perth up 6.09% to $7.384m
  • Brisbane up 5.12% to $8.661m

Radio ad revenue up 8%

Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) has breathed a sigh of relief with figures released by Deloitte suggesting that radio advertising revenue increased in the first quarter of 2010.

The industry has recorded growth of nearly 8% for the first quarter of 2010 following an increase of over 15% for the month of March, according to the Deloitte figures.

Advertising revenue in the five metropolitan markets show growth of 7.71% compared to the same time frame last year, to a total of $151.1 million.

The strongest growth for the March quarter was in Sydney, up 11.23% to $47.5 million, followed by Perth, up 10.62% to $20.77 million, Brisbane up 5.5% to $24.2 million, Melbourne up 5.44% to $44.3 million and Adelaide up 3.45% to $14.2 million.

“The strong start to 2010 is great news for the industry and reflects improved economic conditions and also the resilience of radio in attracting advertising dollars when marketing budgets are tight,” said chief executive officer of the CRA, Joan Warner.

Warner explained the growth and take-up of digital radio would also provide new opportunities for increased advertising, an area currently being explored by the industry.