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Q: What is Marketing?
A: Marketing is a publication that has been serving professional marketers in Australia for three decades, as a print magazine, as a website (, as an events brand, and as a premium content membership. It’s mission has always been, and always will be, to help make marketers better at their jobs. That is, to give client-side marketers in Australia an advantage for the business, their brand, and their career. The print magazine is currently published six times a year, and has been owned and published by Niche Media since the early nineties.
Marketing‘s editor is Ben Ice:
Its publisher is Paul Lidgerwood:
Its partnerships manager is Tyler Payne:, +61399484978

Q: What is ‘Marketing Pro’?
A: Marketing Pro (formerly Marketing Advantage) is a subscription-based membership that delivers members premium resources to educate and further their careers. Its members enjoy access to premium content and member-only benefits such as events, discounts and a member-only LinkedIn Group.

Q: So it’s a paywall?
A: Not really. None of the news, views and interview articles that Marketing has published for years and years are suddenly going to be locked away, and the website will still be updated daily with this same content that’s free for all. Marketing Pro content is additional, premium content in which we’ve invested in to benefit members. Marketing Pro content has a specific focus; to educate and accelorate the careers of marketers, so it’s very different to the content we post daily.

Q: How do I become a Marketing Pro member?
A: Head over to the Marketing Pro sign-up page for all the membership and payment options.

Q: I have a question about my Marketing Pro membership.
A: There’s a help centre with lots more information, available from your member dashboard. Can’t log in to the member dashboard? Email and we’ll get that sorted for you straight away. Alternatively, you can call support on 1800 804 160 during Australian standard business hours.

Q: What’s a ‘Content Partner’?
A: ‘Content Partner’ refers to an arrangement in which Marketing and the Content Partner collaborate on content of various types for Marketing’s platforms: the magazine, the website and/or the Marketing Advantage membership offering. Content Partners may or may not also be current or past advertisers.

Q: Can I send you my media releases?
A: Sure! Send your news to our news inbox where the entire editorial team can see it:

Q: How can I submit a case study?
A: Get in touch with and he’ll happily provide our submission guidelines.

Q: How can I submit an op-ed/byline by myself or a client?
A: Get in touch with and he will be able to assist.

Q: How can I get my event on your calendar?
A: Get in touch with with the name and focus of your event. Additional detail to include if relevant, would be;

Q: I’d like to know more about partnership, sponsorship or advertising opportunities with Marketing.
A: Please get in touch with partnerships manager Tyler Payne:, +61399484978

Q: Can I tell you a secret?
A: Sure. To let the editorial team know of any tips about news, career movements or anything else at all, use the form below. You can also use this form to submit queries about advertising with Marketing:


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