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Australia’s first pet-focused media channel launches

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Australia’s first pet-focused media channel launches

Fur Media

Fur Media, on 23 April announced a brand new partnership with leading digital pet platform Mad Paws. With 27+ million pets nationwide and a $30+ billion yearly spend, the move enables advertisers a more efficient market to directly reach its estimated 1.6 million pet owner audience.

Under the partnership, Fur Media will exclusively handle inbound advertising for Mad Paws Holdings, which comprises Mad Paws and subsidiaries such as Pet Chemist, Waggly pet toys and treats, and Sash pet beds. Fur Media will also sell digital advertising for Mad Paws and its brands.

Mad Paws, Australia’s largest online pet care marketplace, connects pet owners with a diverse selection of high-quality services along with quality products. The network has a deep and unrivalled data set on Australian pets.

The partnership, which is already effective, offers brands unmatched access to an expansive and loyal customer base of pet lovers, with advertising opportunities across Fur Media’s extensive digital kiosk and content network in vets. This includes opportunities in Mad Paws’ websites, electronic direct mail, social media channels, short and long-form content offerings, distribution and sampling, and content collaborations with ambassadors.

“Just as every pet has its own unique personality, every partnership brings its own special synergy,” Mad Paws CEO Justus Hammer says. “We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Fur Media, whose expertise in inbound advertising perfectly complements our mission to connect pet lovers with the best services and products.”

“Together, we’re poised to reach new heights and create even more tails of happiness for pets and their owners.”

Empowered by a combination of digital and OOH media

Fur Media co-founder Nic Cann says the Mad Paws partnership stands to level up the media company’s offering for advertisers.

“We know advertisers are keen to reach pet owners,” Cann says. “They’re an affluent audience, who are willing to spend big on their pets. In 2022 alone, Australians spent a whopping $30.7 billion on food, vet and health services – and with pet numbers now outstripping humans at 27.8 million nationwide, now is the time for advertisers to start focussing on reaching this demographic.”

Fur Media teamFur Media team: Nic Cann, Corey Dawson, Saskia Parton and Michael Ryan

Fur Media aims to revolutionise the Australian pet media market and beyond. Its ever-growing digital out-of-home network in more than 100 high-traffic vet receptions across the country also acts as a key selling proposition.

The brand’s network includes an innovative range of ‘pee-proof’ digital screens that are designed to withstand paws and tails – built with a slimline fit to suit vet reception area.

Fur Media also utilises its own content delivery system in which the brand creates pet-friendly content for screens, designed specifically to reach and engage pet lovers as they attend vet facilities.

Fur Media screens

“Our strategic partnership with Mad Paws directly aligns with our mission to change the face of pet media,” he said. “The partnership means brands can now reach more than one million active pet users across both networks.”

Mad Paws has built a highly engaged and dynamic audience with:

  • 1.3 million monthly visits to its website and social platforms
  • 1.1 million subscribers to its member base
  • 20,000+ purchases on its Pet Chemist website a month

An attractive proposition for marketers

Cann says the partnership provides brands direct access to an extensive database of pet owners, allowing them to drive brand awareness across a loyal community of pet lovers. 

Images provided by Fur Media.

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