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Queen Elizabeth dies at age 96, Operation London Bridge is in place

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Queen Elizabeth dies at age 96, Operation London Bridge is in place


What is Operation London Bridge? 

Following the news of Queen Elizabeth II’s death at age 96 on 8 September, let’s explore what exactly is Operation London Bridge? The state funeral will be held at Westminster Abbey, before she is moved to rest in Windsor Castle’s King George VI Memorial Chapel. 

The plan lists what will happen in the United Kingdom following the Monarch’s death. 

The history behind the name of Operation London Bridge is named after the song that we all grew up listening to, “London bridge is falling down.” The code word attributes to the events that would occur after the death of the British monarch.

Life stopped in the UK, as black clothes and sad music intensified. There are strict protocols for media organisations when following the coverage of the Queen’s death.

As Operation London Bridge is announced, the plan outlines in precise detail how the Queen’s death will be communicated to government officials. The news will go out to the media at the precise same moment when the footman in mourning clothes will pin a black-edged notice on the gates of Buckingham Palace.

Out with the old, in with the new

At the same time, the Royals announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II on social media, engaging with the new way of communication mixing in with the old.

All radio stations across the UK are required to have a playlist prepared which consists of sad songs. This is according to leaked documents on Operation London Bridge.

The procedure for playing music on radio is not limited to the BBC and will run across all radio stations. 

We have even checked across UK radio stations and verified this information. The song She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5 was playing across Capital FM. 

According to Politico, which leaked information about the procedures of the aftermath of the Queen’s death, the UK government and the royal family’s website will go into states of mourning.

The government website and its social media pages will display black banners, while the royal family’s website will change to a black holding page displaying a statement confirming the Queen’s death.

On Twitter, government departments will be banned from posting non-essential content, and retweets will also be prohibited.


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Benay Ozdemir

Benay is an in-house writer for Niche Media.

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