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What is setting Edgar Wright’s eyebrow raising Macca’s ad apart

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What is setting Edgar Wright’s eyebrow raising Macca’s ad apart


He might be known for directing Hollywood hits like Baby Driver and Shaun of the Dead, but the latest work from director Edgar Wright sure has eyebrows raising. Causing a stir online, Wright has created the perfect ad for, of all things, McDonalds.

The ad features an office place, with a bevy of hungry workers who communicated wordlessly to convey what they want: a McDonald’s lunch. As the crowd of hungry workers starts to grow, they all acknowledge their hunger with a simple raise of the eyebrows. A signal not only of hunger, but where to go. The famous Golden Arches. 

What has Edgar Wright done differently?

But it’s not just that the ad has been directed by a Hollywood hitmaker, but it’s something else that has the creative community buzzing. It’s what isn’t shown. The product itself. 

It’s a bold move to not show the product. It relies heavily on brand recognition. 

Edgar Wright weaves recognition into the ad seamlessly. From a woman clad in the famous red and yellow at the start of the ad, to the eyebrow raising emulating the Golden Arches, it’s the nuances in the ad that make it such a bold statement. 

In short, this ad throws away the rule book. But, the results are paying dividends. Although a UK ad, people from all over the world are discussing it. It will be used in university classrooms as a look at branding. And, at the very crux of it, it certainly made me want some Maccas.


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Liv Croagh

Liv Croagh was the Managing Editor of Marketing Mag from September 2021 to September 2023.

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