Sophia Bazile is an independent foresight researcher and Founder of FLYP (Futures Literate Youth and Professionals), a boutique coaching and consulting agency focused on “flipping the script” – that is, leveraging the potency of powerful narratives to execute mission-driven life, academic, and business strategies.

FLYP is especially committed to expanding futures thinking and foresight capacities among systemically under-represented and marginalized groups. With a deep background in education, her work as a Purpose and Impact Coach is largely focused on advocating for and galvanizing a more conscious and conscientious youth. This is well-complemented by guiding organizations to be more intentional and effective in their approaches to various social justice issues.

As a first-generation Haitian-American who has lived in Latin America, the Middle East, China, and Southeast Asia, Sophia was moved to contribute to Black Futures research around experiences and perceptions of “blackness” in a global context. These days, you can find her in Indonesia appreciating the relative quiet and stunning beauty of Bali. When taking a break from her work on various research and consulting projects, she enjoys reading, memoir writing, adventuring around the island, and delving deeper into her own spiritual journey.

Jasmine Giuliani
BY Jasmine Giuliani ON 11 October 2020
Jasmine Giuliani is the Editor of MarketingMag