This post is the first in a series of six that feature an exclusive video interview with international speaker and author Joseph Jaffe. Click below to read the others:

  1. Exclusive video interview: Joseph Jaffe, Part I – the winners and losers of social media marketing
  2. Part II – will online video blogging fizzle out?
  3. Part III – why is Australia lagging behind in social media?
  4. Part IV – Second Life as a marketing outreach tool
  5. Part V – did Joseph Jaffe blackmail a major airline?
  6. Part VI – some riffs on brand arrogance, digital storytelling and the future of marketing and advertising.

You asked the questions, and he answered them.

In the run-up to the arrival of Joseph Jaffe in Australia, will post one
short video clip every other working day for ten days. Each clip is
part of a long interview we conducted with Joseph using the online
video conferencing software ooVoo, a client of Crayon (Josephs company) and a platform well be playing with over the next few months.

Over the course of the five posted clips youll hear social
media thinkers and marketers from Australia and the US ask Joseph their
questions, which include:

Today | What examples do you give of brands that have successfully started a
conversation online, and which brands have gotten this spectacularly
          Tamir Berkman, FRANk Media

Fri 8 August | Is Kate Modern the beginning of a trend?
          Gavin Heaton,

Mon 11 August | Why is Australia currently ranked only number 15 in the world in terms of uses of social media in marketing?
          Simon Small, Fnuky

Wed 13 August | Does having a presence in Second Life remain
important for Crayon [Josephs company], and for what type of business
is Second Life effective outreach?
          Connie Reece,

Fri 15 August | How would you feel if someone said that your recent posts and events surrounding Delta Skelter could be considered blackmail?
          Zac Martin,

Theres other conversations from the interview, so Ill put these in a bumper final sixth post on Monday 18 August.

Please get stuck into the comments because Ill be meeting up with
Joseph during his short stay in Australia and Id love to be able to
fire some of your questions and thoughts at him over a few beers.

In todays clip, Tamir Berkman of FRANk Media asks Joseph Jaffe:

What examples do you give of brands that have
successfully started a conversation online, and which brands have
gotten this spectacularly wrong?

The audio is a little out of sync with the visuals, so unless you
love badly dubbed movies or are simply transfixed by either Joseph or
myself, Id suggest plugging the earphones in and listening to the man
that wrote the book – literally – on the future advertising landscape.

Joseph Jaffe is used to being asked what the future of advertising looks like. His 2005 book Life After the 30-Second Spot: Energize Your Brand With a Bold Mix of Alternatives to Traditional Advertising laid out a blueprint of the alternative advertsing methods to the mighty TVC, a mix of methods which many in the industry are now flocking to better understand and use in their own marketing plans: word of mouth, conversational marketing, social media marketing – these
are the tools Joseph Jaffe prescribes for reaching out to consumers and
customers, and for delivering value over and above the TVC.

His follow up book in 2007, Join the Conversation, further emphasised the need for marketers to adapt to the brave new world of the internet, social media and networking, consumer-generated content,
blogs, and podcasts by joining the rich, deep, and meaningful customer
conversations already in progress.

Joseph arrives in Australia with the help of TCO for a whirlwind speaking tour that lasts from 19-21 August. If youre keen to get a chance to hear Joseph, you might like to consider booking him by contacting, but please note, he doesnt do weddings or pantomimes [Ed: joke.]

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