Using software to transform relationships with customers: Interview with Booth Fellers (Khoros)

In this interview Marketing Mag editor Jazz Giuliani speaks with Booth Fellers, the general manager (APAC) at Khoros, about automation and AI, brand experience and how organisations can use software to transform relationships with customers.

Fellers shares examples and case studies to illustrate how businesses can utilise software to engage and connect with customers. He also encourages brands to think of AI and automation as a complimentary service or add-on to a brand’s overall experience, as well as an effective internal tool to improve workflows for employees.

Marketing Mag interview Booth Fellers (Khoros) from Marketing Magazine on Vimeo.

Khoros is a leading digital customer engagement software company that recently announced its newest data hosting location in Sydney. The move will allow Khoros to deliver enhanced software performance and data privacy confidence to the growing Asia Pacific region, particularly customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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