In a recent ‘e-consultancy survey of cross-sector international practitioners, 99 percent of agency, in-house or freelance PR and marketing types thought online coverage was hugely important.

Another survey finds that 75 percent of journos use blogs and online sources for story ideas. Now, a few weeks back at ad:tech in Sydney, attendees were asked “Do you have a digital PR strategy?” and 68 percent said “No.”
Hmmmmm; 99 percent yes and 68 percent no, eh?

Are we in Oz a bit behind the online reputation 8-ball or can’t we be bothered to even put our money on the beer-soaked table top?

Is it wrong to compare and contrast three different pieces of anecdotal research just to tease out a response? What’re the chances that this blogger is covertly trying to sell his expertise in the social media and Web 2.0 environment? Will the swine
drop some pearls of wisdom along the way?

Watch this space …