Survey says… what Australia knows and thinks about collaborative consumption

Marketing and its survey partner SSI polled 1000 Australians to ask about their awareness of and attitudes to participating in collaborative consumption, also known as the sharing economy.


Awareness versus use

For the five most well-known brands, about a third of people who know of these brands have ever used them. For the lesser-known brands, the ration of ‘know’ to ‘used’ is closer to 1:1.

Graph 1 from SSI Survey Says in Social Issue MK1604Key (L-R): Airbnb   Uber   Lyft   Rentoid   DriveMyCar   MyCaravan   Tushare   Car Next Door   Go Get   Flexicar   Green Car Share   Open Shed   Friends With Things   Freecycle   Ziilch   MeeMeep   Streetbank   Divvy   None of the above

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Which of the following would you be more comfortable with?

People seem to be more comfortable with sharing something when its usage by strangers doesn’t interfere with their personal space, while they appear to be more open to borrow some things they wouldn’t share. (Cooked meals are an interesting opposite example to this.)

Interestingly, the 30-44 group, both males and females, know and use the sharing economy most while being the largest group who consider its being a fad and having no future. We cannot tell why.

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Graph 2 from SSI Survey Says in Social Issue MK1604

Stray observations

  • We observed no regional differences, except a slight increase in knowledge and usage in New South Wales.
  • People’s openness to sharing and borrowing things hasn’t changed significantly in the last five years.
  • The 30-44 age group, both males and females, know and use the sharing economy most while also being the group that most considers its being a fad.



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