Youve probably seen them around – they look like a crossword on crack. Yes, QR Codes are set to take the world by storm and in this short video Antony McGregor Dey, founder of QMCODES, demystifies the QR Code for marketers.

With Telstra investing significantly in this technology in their handsets and with publishers and marketers around the world grappling with the challenge of linking their print and online collateral in a meaningful and user-friendly way, could the QR code offer a solution?

Sol Trujillo has spoken of his goal for Telstra users to never be more than one click away from great content, and the QR Code is a promising pretender to the throne of interactivity and convergence between different media.

Reminds me of that riddle … whats black and white and read all over? Telstra will be hoping it is this little barcode.

Watch Antony McGregor Deys short TechTips video to find out a bit more about this new tool, and start thinking about how marketers can wield this tool to better communicate with their prospects.