In his latest vlog (video + blog = funny word!), Geoffrey tackles the difficult question of what to do when the proverbial hits the fan and recession looms.

Theres been plenty of talk about the economic climate here in Australia of late, and even with the five major banks passing on the Feds quarter percent interest rate drop, there are certainly no guarantees as to the economic strength of the Aussie economy over the next six months.

Weve touched upon this question on the site before, so check out the responses of some Australian marketers and the communitys comments in our Around The Table discussion on the subject of recession and marketers budgets.

Geoffreys latest Guerrilla Guide piece in the Jack-Daniels-adorned September issue of the magazine unpacks the major issues for marketers to consider when recession looms:

Always keep in mind during a recession that this is a God-given golden gift to you as a marketer. Sit back, watch the bloodshed and plan to grab more and more of the pie as the rest panic and give up the things they love out of sheer silliness and lack of balls.

So watch Geoffreys vlog below and get stuck into the comments

What do you think?

  • Are we heading for a recession here in Australia?
  • How can marketers justify increased investment in their area when the belt is being tightened elsewhere?