MarketingTV: What ‘customer-centric’ really means to NAB, Virgin Mobile, Australia Post

Hear three marketing leaders discuss what it really means to be customer-centric, from the decisions around channel choice to the security issues raised by new digital platforms that enhance customer experience, in this latest video in a three-part collaboration between Marketing and Australia Post.


‘Customer centricity’ is one of those terms that begs deeper, practical examination, so we sat down with three marketing leaders to discuss how their businesses define customer centricity, how that impacts the brand and communications, and how new digital technologies that enhance customer experience are integrated pragmatically by organisations.

In order of appearance:

  • Samantha Bartlett, general manager – customer experience, Australia Post,
  • Todd Copeland, general manager – digital, NAB, and
  • Nicole Bardsley, director of brand and communications, Virgin Mobile Australia.



  • What are the benefits of communicating with customers on their own terms?
  • How does a business decide which channels to use?
  • How does an organisation approach new digital technologies that bring new privacy and security issues?


Find out their answers by watching the video below: