The 12 most annoying Australian advertising jingles of all time

The 12 most annoying Australian advertising jingles of all time


They’re a marketers dream and a consumer’s worst nightmare, an advertising jingle so catchy it becomes seared into the brains of everyone who listens to it. We have scoured the internet to find 12 of what we believe to be some of the most catchy (annoying) advertising jingles of all time. So sit back and let the nostalgia ensue, as we present to you the 12 most annoying Australian (or at least aired in Australia) ad jingles of all time.


12. Roof Seal 


11. Pick-A-Part Commercial ’95


10. Snappy Tom – The Cats Of Australia Have Made Their Choice – Australian Ad 1987


9. Coles, Down Down (Prices Are Down) – Status Quo


8. Banana Boat 


7. Cottees Cordial Australian Commercial


6. Vegemite 


5. Aeroplane Jelly ‘Planes’ Television Advertisement 1980


4. McDonald’s Australia – Bacon Range TVC


3. Australian Bananas – Make those bodies sing


2. Pizza Hut 1992 Australian Commercial


1. Decore (Australian ad) 1988

  • Maree

    OMG the WORST television Ad that almost sends me to have a break down is the “”” Trivago ” hotel ads……it’s on every 5 seconds……I’m Soooooo over it…….seriously……give it a break…….enough is enough……I turn the channel off every time it comes on ..

    • Jayden Leonard

      I don’t blame you. The slogan kinda sucks to me, too. I mean, “Hotel? Trivago.” That’s pretty much it right there. Unless there’s some kinda ‘hidden meaning’ stuff going on there, I don’t get what they reckon’s so clever about that.

  • Biker Vet

    Obviously don’t have good memories. “Where do you get it?” Possibly the worst.