Has your B2B brand had good results from social media marketing?

If you answered yes, you’re in the minority according to preliminary results from the ‘Green Hat 2012 B2B Marketing Outlook Research’ survey.

The survey is being conducted by B2B marketing consultancy Green Hat, in conjunction with the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) and the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), and intends to investigate B2B marketing practice in Australia throughout 2011 and plans for the coming year.

Marketing can reveal some preliminary results, though the survey is still ongoing:

  • A third of respondents are unaware of the cost of a qualified lead for their B2B business,
  • in a reversal of last year’s results, B2B marketers feel that nurturing leads is more challenging than generating them, and
  • just 6% of respondents say they have had good results from social media marketing so far, although a quarter plan to implement programs in 2012.


The results of the research will be launched at an ADMA event on 29 February.


The Green Hat 2012 B2B Marketing Outlook Research survey is open until Monday 6 February. Respondents will receive a pre-release copy of the report and a discount on registration for the B2B Marketing Summit to be held 28 February in Melbourne and 1 March in Sydney.