Coopers releases apology video, declares support for marriage equality

Coopers has released an online video statement in response to the #BoycottCoopers social media campaign.

In response to Bible Society Australia’s ‘Keeping it Light’ video and subsequent #BoycottCoopers social media campaign, Coopers managing director Tim Cooper and financial and corporate affairs director Melanie Cooper have issued a video statement pledging their support for same-sex marriage.

The brand has also cancelled the release of the Bible Society 200th birthday commemorative cans, which were to feature Bible verses.

In the apology video, Coopers MD Tim Cooper and Melanie Cooper AM, financial and corporate affairs director and chair of the Coopers Brewery foundation, state that the philanthropic brand supports a number of community organisations, and reiterates the brand did not authorise the use of its beer as a sponsor of the ‘Keeping it Light’ video.

“We are incredibly saddened by the impact our involvement with the Bible Society has had on our valued Coopers drinkers and our extended family,” says Tim Cooper.

“Coopers brewery is and always has been supportive of diversity and encourages individualism,” says Melanie Cooper. “Our company supports marriage equality. Offence has been taken for our recent involvement, for which we are deeply sorry. We’ve listened to a number of community views, we acknowledge this feedback and respect everyone’s individual opinions and beliefs,” she continues.

Despite addressing the demands of many #BoycottCoopers social posters, the awkward nature of Melanie and Tim Cooper has led many to criticise the video as “transparent” and not genuine.




Bible Society Australia issued a statement on Monday confirming Coopers was not involved in its video:

“Bible Society is entirely responsible for the ‘Keeping it Light’ video. It was not sponsored by Coopers. No money has changed hands between Bible Society and Coopers in regards to this campaign,” it says.

Many on social, however, still believe the connection is too strong to ignore.

It remains to be seen whether the video will stem the tide of consumers and venues boycotting Coopers products. Many are still deterred by the fact that Coopers is a large and long-standing donor to the SA Liberal Party – another piece of information brought to the attention of the population after the ‘Keeping it Light’ social media storm.


Ben Ice
BY Ben Ice ON 15 March 2017
  • disqus_Wb2lPr7OSf

    Ambush marketing (of an issue) gone wrong?

  • The response to this video is the most hypocritical and absurd thing I have seen to date. So the video shows 2 people having a polite conversation about a topic Australia is divided over and in ‘keeping it light’ they thought to bring in a light beer. The video was so *un*offensive that to say anything different is to say people can’t have a discussion with opposing views. The outcry says they demand rights and freedom of speech and democracy – but only until it doesn’t suit them. Then freedom of speech is offensive and should be shut down. If you take the time to watch the video, the guys actually set an example of something we should all be doing more of. Polite respectful conversation and debate – even in the heat of something we may not agree to (on both sides). In all honesty it was so light that it barely showed anything except that people can actually be pleasant while having different views. But the “response” to this was so ridiculous – I’m sure most people who are ‘offended’ haven’t even watched the video. And the media hyped it up way more than they should (good on you the project). How pathetically difficult is it to actually have a conversation about something when people on both sides can’t just speak to each other. Which ironically was the whole point of the video!!!! It’s no wonder the likes of Trump get in and Hanson votes increase. The masses are getting tired of being kicked around and trod on for having an opinion. And this wasn’t even an opinion piece. It was just 2 guys with opposing views having a chat. The Media has gone mad and needs to grow up and stop hyping up this stuff to be more than it is. Get some perspective and stop building up a sandstorm for ratings.

    • disqus_Wb2lPr7OSf

      Yes Rudy, the video was light, to the point of being pointless – 2 public figures repeating their already public stance on an issue. In short, the basis for some of the outrage, they are (1) This is not a ‘light’ issue for GLBTQI people – we live it & are sick of the endless talk with no action; (2) Considering this, GLBTQI people may have felt like they were the butt of this joke; (3) Religious groups are antagonists in this ongoing ‘debate’/conversation about SSM – what was Coopers doing getting involved in a public way (no I don’t believe they weren’t involved); & (4) Seriously, all this nonsense, the decades of being pilliaried, and the age-old fight for equality wears me down… perhaps the gay community have had enough.

      • I think both sides of the discussion would agree the ‘issue’ is not light. But the way the issue has been discussed has been all but civil. So they were trying to keep the ‘conversation’ light. They were trying to set an example to show people can communicate without the hatred, poison and yelling abuse that normally accompanies the SSM debate (and many other topics not related to SSM too – this isn’t isolated). It was also badly misreported on the project which causes more unnecessary outrage. The video didn’t present a particular view or push any kind of negative agenda. If you haven’t watched the video, go watch it. It actually doesn’t give an opinion either way – and it gives both people a chance to say what they think in a polite respectful way. Whether or not you believe we should even have a discussion around this topic is a different issue. The fact is there are people who think differently – so how do you make 2 opposing views come to some common ground? I thought over a beer was actually a good aussie way to start… And I think that would be the point. Be a mate, grab a beer, have a chat and find some common ground. Is that so bad?

    • Jen

      Both guys have the same view – compere stated this near the start of the vid – so unsure why you came away with the idea they were having a debate?

      • Yeah it was more of a light discussion than a debate. Certainly nothing to get offended about. Certainly nothing to kill an australian icon brand over – even if they did commission it (which doesn’t seem that way).

        • disqus_Wb2lPr7OSf

          Her face & glare at him 41 seconds in to the apology video when he denies authorising the campaign convinces me that they were fully involved. Wording on their 1st media statements backs that up. As said below, this is just a classic case of ambush marketing going wrong. Moving on.

          • You might be right that they were complicit – who knows – but that look at 41 seconds is the same look she gave at 6 seconds in, so you can’t use that as your judgement queue. 🙂 That’s just the way she looks. 🙂

  • Levi

    does anyone have the video? I’d love to watch it, but it’s been taken down.

  • Les Hannaway

    This has gone mad. Sad that Coopers felt they had to suddenly take a position because of a splinter group and media beat up. Are we all getting so scared of offending someone else that nobody can actually have a conversation or position that differers from someone else?