Are you looking to poach a new employee. You’ve just got to do some scouting on LinkedIn, right? It lays out the user’s qualifications and education, and you can even have a look at any references they might have. It’s all very professional, it’s a social website in a suit. But does it really give an employer a view of the whole person they are employing, who they hang around with, what their hobbies and interests are and what they do socially? Probably not. Some would argue Facebook doesn’t either, especially with the popularity of intense privacy restrictions, but does Facebook also offer a better way than LinkedIn to spread the word about a job and refer prospective candidates?

The Wall Street Journal says the answer is most likely ‘yes’, reporting that recruiters are taking to Facebook to find new employees and that while LinkedIn offers a more comprehensive résumé database, candidates tend to value referrals from their connections on Facebook more.

Some companies have reported immense success in recruiting via Facebook, and Jobs2Web reckon Facebook could rival traditional job listing boards for recruitment as early as next year.

Job listing sites are jumping on the trend too, with American giant Monster recently launching Facebook app BeKnown, which has already chalked up 800, 000 monthly users. They plan to offer cash rewards for referrals through it as well, adding extra incentive for heavy usage.

However, there are many critics who believe internet users won’t appreciate the blending of business and social, and would like to keep their world separate.

Jeff Vijungco, vice president of world-wide talent acquisition for Adobe Systems said that a focus group study showed job candidates were pretty opposed to being contacted through Facebook for jobs.

“The antibodies kicked in pretty quickly,” Vijungco said. “They thought it was very invasive. The company posts job openings on its Facebook page, but Mr. Vijungco said they have had more success finding employees through LinkedIn.

Marketing mag contacted Australia’s most popular online job board,, but have so far not received a comment on any plans for Facebook integration.

BY Brendan Lawley ON 9 August 2011