Few brands have thrown themselves so deep in to the waters of social media like Domino’s Pizza. They’ve led the pack with their Facebook campaigns and pizza ordering app, but have also felt the ramifications of when it all goes wrong (refer to that video).

Brands have quickly learned that you can’t always ignore criticism, especially when it can spread and blow up globally in minutes, and Domino’s have done a pretty good job at convincing consumers they do give a damn about what the customer thinks, for better or worse.

Their latest campaign takes a kind of social media to the forefront of the traditional outdoor advertising mecca; New York’s Times Square.

It’s all to promote Domino’s new, perhaps a little excessive, ‘tracking’ service; that actually gives customers a blow by blow account of how their ordered pizza is developing; from the name of the employee who made it to when it is in the car and in transit to their house.

Customers can also give feedback on the pizza, so the pizza maker enjoys the kudos of a job well done, and gets any criticism (hopefully constructive) to do it better next time. These messages will now also go live on a massive billboard in New York, and Domino’s claims they will only filter out inappropriate language and irrelevant advertising materials, and will gladly broadcast the criticism.

It’s a pretty positive initiative, and putting a name and face to the pizza you’re eating might make it harder for most people to really let loose with hatred, but it’s still a big, expensive chance taken by the pizza giant. But taking chances is a pretty necessary thing to do for a brand to improve, and if anyone knows what their doing in this space right now, it’s probably Dominos.

BY Brendan Lawley ON 1 August 2011