Every single spot from NFL Super Bowl XLVIII (they’re more impressive than the game)

It’s the most watched American broadcast of the year, and though this year’s Super Bowl game itself wasn’t all that impressive, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Denver Broncos 43-8, the real-time marketing explosion sparked by Oreo last year resulted in a lot of anticipation and a whole lot of dull noise from wannabes, the ads certainly didn’t let us down.

Some ads have caused controversy, others have made grown men cry and they all cost far too much money. Below is every single spot that broadcast during the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII. Partly for prosperity, and partly because, well, we can.

Best? Worst? You’ll have to watch them all to decide.


Doritos ‘Cowboy Kid’

GoDaddy ‘Bodybuilders’

Budweiser ‘Puppy Love’

SodaStream ‘Scarlett’

T-Mobile ‘Kill Your Contract’

Dannon Oikos ‘The Spill’

Jaguar ‘Rendezvous’

Hyundai ‘Nice’

Microsoft ‘Empowering’

Butterfinger Cups ‘Therapy’

Coca-Cola ‘Going All the Way’

Chrysler ‘America’s Import’

Honda ‘#hugfest ‘

Budweiser ‘Hero’s Welcome’

Heinz Ketchup ‘Hum’

Kia ‘The Truth’

Chobani ‘Bear’

Axe ‘Make Love. Not War’

GoldieBlox ‘Come On Bring the Toys’

T-Mobile ‘Still No Contract’

Audi ‘Doberhuahua’

Jeep ‘Restless’

H&M ‘Campaign Film’

Sonos ‘Face Off’

Bud Light ‘Epic Night (2)’

Subway ‘It’s Crunch Time’

Toyota ‘Joyride’

Coca-Cola ‘It’s Beautiful’

M&M’s ‘Delivery’

CarMax ‘Slow Clap’

Wonderful Pistachios ‘Stephen Colbert’

Volkswagen ‘Wings’

WeatherTech ‘You Can’t Do That’

T-Mobile ‘No Contract, No Worries’

GoDaddy ‘Puppet Master’

Chevrolet ‘Life’

RadioShack ‘The Phone Call’

Squarespace ‘A Better Web Awaits’

Cheerios ‘Gracie’

Hyundai ‘Dad’s Sixth Sense’

Beats Music ‘Goldilocks’

TurboTax ‘Prom’

Chevrolet Silverado ‘Romance’

Doritos ‘Time Machine’

Maserati ‘Strike’


Rebecca Hagan
BY Rebecca Hagan ON 4 February 2014