If you’re spending time and effort trying to get your website fully customisable or making that branded forum of yours oh-so-irresistible that visitors simply must join in, then your customer loyalty strategy is all wrong according to a new study.

The study by service consultancy Pitney Bowes found internet users care little about customisability or branded ‘customer communities’, and neither do they look for the ability to interact with a major advertiser on social media.

Instead, the poll of 5000 global consumers found that they were more attracted to businesses offering home delivery service, with 61% stating that this service would encourage them to maintain or increase spending with a business.

58% also preferred businesses to provide various methods for consumers to contact them and 54% believe that the ability to control the channels and frequencies of communications would help enhance their relationship with brands.

51% of consumers would also feel more loyal toward a business if they had a say in the range of goods and services made available.