Last month, Marketing magazine reported on IAB Australia's plans to draw up video advertising guidelines. Well, the IAB Standards and Guidelines Council have brain stormed and agreed on a rulebook.

The new guidelines reflect the most common in-stream ad formats known as linear video ads, non-linear video ads and companion ads.
IAB Australia CEO Paul Fisher said the new guidelines are a significant step forward for booming platform: “Online Video advertising is the fastest growing online format in Australia,  and standardising the most common areas like VAST and VPAID  will support the growth from the forecast $50m in 2011 to $200m in 2014.
“It is pleasing to see the industry agrees the IAB Standards and Guidelines Council have successfully created guidelines that will simplify the digital video advertising planning, buying and selling process for marketers, agencies and media companies. These guidelines will bring Australia in to line with international markets”.
The online video advertising guidelines were developed based on input from the IAB Standards and Guidelines Council with representation across Publishers, the Media Federation of Australia, The Communications Council and Media Agencies; as well as a review of the IAB USA Online Video Standards and Guidelines.
Organisations involved in the drafting of the guidelines include Brandscreen, CBS Interactive, Fairfax Digital, First Digital Media, the Media Federation of Australia, Mediamind, MySpace, News Digital Media, ninemsn,, Sensis Digital Media, Network Ten, The Communications Council; and Yahoo!7.