Infographic of the week: Consumer psychology and the ecommerce checkout

It’s an all too common occurrence in the online shopping world, a customer browses a site, selects their items, goes to check out and then – bam, abandons their cart.

The consumer psychology of the ecommerce checkout is something that has been researched heavily over the last couple of years with factors that influence a customers range from the bleedingly obvious (92.6% of people in a particular survey said that the visual look of the product influenced their purchase decision) to at times quite obscure and oddly specific (eg. 67% of consumers read six reviews or less before they feel they can trust a business enough to make a purchase).

The infographic below, created by Voucher Cloud’s US team,  details the sometimes mystifying behaviour of the average online shopper and may just give you the helping hand you need to optimise your ecommerce operation.