Interactive fly traps, McDonald’s graffiti menu: creative European billboards

There has been plenty of innovative uses of billboard campaigns of late. This new billboard in Milan, Italy for an insect spray also serves as a huge pest strip, thanks to a few layers of aerosol glue.

The glue follows the arc pattern of the Orphea spray and is a clever way to show off both brand and creative. Check out the making of it.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s in Warsaw, Poland are changing up a billboard-sized menu that is hand-drawn in multicolored chalk twice daily by graffiti artist Stefan Szwed-Stronzynski.

It’s all a part of a campaign devised by the local Warsaw office of DDB, art studio Good Looking and Krewcy Krawcy Productions with the goal of the campaign to “capture the freshness of McDonald’s food” according to Magdalena Drozdowska and Mateusz Ksiazek, the creative team behind the project.

“We wanted to show the freshness of McDonald’s food. Hand-written menus gave us a flexibility to change and show new offers on the daily basis,” the say.