iiNet has announced it will move some of its customers to the National Broadband Network (NBN) by mid-2010.

Some Tasmanian internet users will be moved on to the NBN by mid next year.

Being rolled out in Tasmania first, local internet users will likely be moved on to the NBN by mid next year.

Were not making a public announcement, but its not a problem for me to say when the NBN starts to provide services to retail organisations like ours, that we want to participate in that process, said Steve Dalby, chief regulatory officer with iiNet.

What were working to is a timetable of around about the middle of next year. Were not looking at putting TV ads in Hobart next month or anything. Weve got plenty of time to work that through and get services running before the middle of next year.

The announcement has sparked speculation other internet service providers will announce their own customer transitions.

According to Dalby, iiNet will not initially offer services beyond their current packages – simply the speed upgrade. The NBN will have a significant effect on internet offerings and likely consumer expectation.