The changing face of cosmetics – Jurlique global marketing director on the brand’s foundations

Dave Jackson chats brand storytelling, built-in purpose and changing consumer ethics with Sarah Murdoch, global marketing director at Jurlique.

On the latest episode of the Marketing mag podcast, Marcast, cosmetics brand Jurlique places its global marketing director of hand, body and wellbeing Sarah Murdoch in front of the mic with host Dave Jackson. The pair chat about Jurlique’s placement within the Australian and global markets, the brand’s long and storied history in natural and ethical cosmetics, how synthetic brands are encroaching on the natural skincare market, where brands are going wrong with purpose, scrabble and much more.



On navigating the global-local model

Sarah Murdoch 150 BWSarah Murdoch: “There’s definitely a need for a global brand to remain consistent in all of its markets to ensure a consistent consumer experience across all the different touchpoints. The challenge is: what that experience looks like in a country like Australia is very different to what that experience looks like in a country like China.”


On competing with behemoth global cosmetic brands

“We are very clear across the business that we are targeting a consumer who is open to purchasing natural products. That automatically excludes quite a number of consumers… who are more open to buying synthetic products.

“We’re very clear on identifying who we’re talking to, which is a smaller space than the total skincare market globally.”


On marketing coordination of seasonal products

“Trend forecasting is absolutely critical to driving our strategy and NPD pipeline. We also use customer segmentation and personas… we did the work a couple years ago and feel that the customer has definitely evolved since then – new competition in the market has change behaviours slightly in skincare.”

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Image credit:Noah Buscher