Marketing Advantage now accepting members: $988 worth of marketing resources and growing

UPDATE 24 March 2015: The launch offer has ended… and Membership is STILL darn good value.

Put simply, Marketing Advantage is a growing collection of premium marketing resources. It builds on Marketing’s guiding principal: to help Australia’s professional marketers excel. To help you, in whatever way we can, be better at your job. To give your brand, business, and career the advantage.

‘Resources’ is deliberately flexible, comprising premium content, as well as other benefits such as discounts, events, data and freebies from our Content Partners. We’ll also be regularly asking Members what marketing resources they’d like to see included.

What’s a Content Partner? It’s an organisation with which Marketing has negotiated benefits for Members. They’re not paying for the privilege – they have to provide value. With these partners Marketing will collaborate to produce custom content or data for Members. Marketing’s Content Partners include Forrester, Adobe, Accenture, RMIT University, Effective Measure and UnLtd.


A growing collection ($988-worth and counting)

Members get unlimited access to everything in our Resources section, which is being added to all the time, plus additional benefits we’ll announce regularly.

We’ve launched with a minimum viable product that, we think, is pretty strong (let me know whether you agree) so we’re currently just sitting on the ground floor.

Here’s a tally I did this morning of what’s included for paying Members right now:

      • Trend briefing on the Internet of Things, plus bonus slides and audio version: $79.95
      • Trend briefing on social commerce, plus bonus material: $79.95
      • Template of an IMC campaign brief, with expert advice from Mark Sareff: $29.95
      • Ebook: ‘Simple Yet Effective: Case Study Collection, vol 1’: $9.95
      • Ebook: Bluechip: Marketer Profile Collection, vol 1: $9.95
      • Ebook: Not-For-Profit Marketing: Case Study Collection, vol 1: $9.95
      • Ebook: Branded Content: Case Study Collection, vol 1: $9.95
      • Ebook: Top Aussie Creative Ideas: Case Study Collection, vol 1: $9.95
      • Ebook: Re/Brands: Case Study Collection, vol 1: $9.95
      • Ebook: ‘Beyond Marketing: The hard and soft skills of today’s CMO’: $9.95
      • Ebook: 20fourteen: The 20 Best Marketing Interviews of 2014: $9.95
      • Case Study, Extended Version: The Most Powerful Arm Ever Invented: $9.95
      • B2B Marketing Outlook Report 2015 by Green Hat: $385
      • Six-months access to General Assembly’s FrontRow, an on-demand digital marketing video training library: $300
      • A digital subscription to Marketing on either iOS or Android (your choice): $23.99


Current total value: $988.39 

Price for members: a $349 per year or $39 per month – includes all of the above AND everything else we release in the future.


The best part is: all of the things in that list above are already here, just waiting for Members to jump in and access.

Every month from now on we’ll be adding marketing resources, like more trend briefings, more ebooks, more tools, more research reports, more Content Partner collaborative pieces… you get the idea. And Members will get unlimited access to that too, included in their membership.

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Peter Roper
BY Peter Roper ON 18 March 2015
Editor of Marketing Magazine and