Media Monday: Radio listeners’ online habits revealed, Survey 2 results, Domain Group to launch new commercial business

In Australian media news this week, Commercial Radio Australia’s new report links listeners with online activity, Survey 2 radio ratings are out, and Domain Group to collaborate with commercial real estate agents in a new business.


Commercial radio report links listeners with online activity

Commercial Radio Australia says its latest report conducted with Nielsen, Consumer Insights Report (Unleashing the Power of Radio), shows that consumers are ‘spend-ready’ and highly connected online on mobile.

The highlights include:

  • Three in five (59%) commercial radio listeners have made a purchase online in the past 30 days,
  • 23% of commercial radio listeners are spending more than $300 online every month,
  • Clothing, airline tickets and accommodation make up the top-three items purchased online by commercial radio listeners in the past 30 days (23%, 20% and 17% respectively),
  • 94% of commercial radio listeners have a mobile phone, and 75% of those have a Smartphone (up from 65% in 2012),
  • 83% of commercial radio listeners access the internet at least once a day (up from 59% in 2012)  and 62% access several times a day,
  • 58% of commercial radio listeners searched online for information on a product in the past 30 days,
  • 34% of commercial radio listeners searched for information on a company online in the past 30 days,
  • 60% of commercial radio listeners compare prices online before they buy, and
  • 45% of commercial radio listeners use the internet to plan their shopping.


GRAPHIC 1- Amount commercial radio listeners have spent online (past 30 days)


GRAPHIC 2- Top 10 items purchased over the internet by commercial radio listeners (past 30 days)

GfK radio ratings Survey 2 results

Radio Survey 2 ratings for 2015 have been released.

Click any table to enlarge.



GfK_Share Report Sydney_Survey 2 2015



GfK_Share Report_Melbourne_Survey 2 2015



GfK_Share Report_Brisbane_Survey 2 2015



GfK_Share Report_Adelaide_Survey 2 2015



GfK_Share Report Perth_Survey 2 2015



GfK_ShareReport_Canberra_Survey 1 2015



Domain Group collaborate with commercial real estate agents in new business

Domain Group is extending its brand into the commercial real estate sector with a new business that will be 40% owned by commercial agents.

The company says its unique industry-owned model was developed following “a long period of consultation” with leading national and state-based commercial agents.

Domain Group CEO Antony Catalano describes the new business model as “a game changer”.

“By collaborating with agents, we gain a deeper understanding of the key concerns of our vendors and consumers as well as market trends, which allows us to build the best products and best experiences in the market. As a result, vendors, investors and consumers are much better off and can be assured that we are delivering outstanding content and value to the commercial sector.”

The company is inviting all Australian commercial agents to lodge their expressions of interest prior to a formal launch of the initiative on 1 July.

Michelle Herbison
BY Michelle Herbison ON 27 April 2015
Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.