Seinfeld, DeGeneres, Chappelle and Rock deliver Netflix joke punchline

A new ‘Netflix is a Joke’ commercial has aired starring famous comedians in Netflix original drama cameos.

The ad aired on Sunday night in the USA during the Emmy Awards broadcast.

The ‘Netflix is a Joke’ tagline confirms what many suspected: that the blank billboards with the same message – which appeared around the nation earlier in the month – were in fact an inside job.


The new TVC includes Seinfeld ‘cameos’ (or ‘Forrest Gumps’, as the author has learned they are unofficially known) in House of Cards, as well as Chris Rock in Orange is the New Black, Dave Chappelle in Stranger Things and Ellen DeGeneres in The Crown.



Despite including scenes from Netflix dramas, the video ad promotes Netflix’ new range of stand-up specials starring the comedians.

More of the commercials look to be on the way, with a 40-second ‘Seinfeld meets Underwood’ standalone already airing.



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Ben Ice
BY Ben Ice ON 19 September 2017
Ben Ice is editor at MarketingMag