One result of the Microsoft-Nokia union is the world’s most beautiful brand book

To mark Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia and the merging of the two, the company has created a gift, in the form of a keepsake book, to be distributed to employees on the day of the merger. And it’s anything but a dull corporate document.

Created by UK publisher TCOLondon, the book is a celebration of the histories of the two companies and their innovations, and is intended to highlight the shared values and visions of both brands.

“When companies join together, it can be quite stressful,” says TCOLondon’s creative director Timba Smits, who designed the book with Paul Pensom, the art director of Creative Review. “Nokia and Microsoft wanted to give employees a keepsake to mark the first day of the new business, and they wanted it to be something the staff could keep and use,” he tells Creative Review.

See some shots of the book below, via TCOLondon, to see why it’s something employees, and even non-employees, would want to read.







Peter Roper
BY Peter Roper ON 15 May 2014
Editor of Marketing and Marketing Mag from 2013 to 2017. Tweets as @pete_arrr.