Online Aussies don’t want a ‘relationship’ with brands, they want discounts and content

Australians are more interested in brands offering them price point appeal, quality content and discounts than emotional appeal, two-way dialogue and choice, according to the latest ‘Online Behaviour Report’ from Bankwest.


On a scale comparing priorities, responses showed that:

  • 82% preferred price point appeal, while 5% preferred emotional appeal (14% neutral),
  • 72% preferred information, while 15% preferred relationship (13% neutral),
  • 70% preferred quality content, while 13% preferred two-way dialogue (16% neutral),
  • 56% preferred quality, while 20% preferred convenience (24% neutral), and
  • 50% preferred discounts, while 29% preferred choice (21% neutral).

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The report found the majority of online shoppers in Australia (55%) are primarily focused on finding the best deal rather than engaging with preferred brands.

86% of people read email alerts or updates on special deals, and 78% search for promotions or discount codes.

These figures are highest among stay-at-home parents and members of Generation Y, of which 90% read email alerts or updates on special deals and 88% search for promotions or discount codes.

Australians are more likely to shop online rather than visit a store for everyday items (75% go online, 25% go in-store) and for ‘retail therapy’ (77% compared to 23%).

But they prefer to visit in-store for more significant purchases – only 26% prefer to go online to make purchases on items such as televisions.

86% of respondents have visited a website or a store based on seeing an online advertisement and 76% have purchased based on an ad at least sometimes.

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Generation Y the biggest online shoppers

Members of Generation Y are the most likely to browse online at least monthly.

  • For discretionary items, 65% of Gen Ys go online to seek information and 43% to purchase, and
  • for luxury items, 53% go online to browse information and 25% to purchase.


Women shop online more than men

  • For discretionary items, 54% of women look online for information, while 41% of men do so,
  • 26% of women purchase discretionary items online at least monthly, compared with 21% of men,
  • for luxury discretionary items, 37% of women shop online at least monthly, compared with 34% men,
  • 22% of women purchase online non-discretionary items, compared with 19% of men,
  • women are more likely than men to read email alerts or updates on special deals (88% compared with 84%), and
  • women also search for promotions or discount codes more often than men (81% compared with 75%).


The study was carried out by CoreData and surveyed 950 Australians aged over 18 who use the internet. The report is part of Bankwest’s Financial Indicator Series.

Michelle Herbison
BY Michelle Herbison ON 7 November 2014
Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.