Note to brands making cash on the internet: don’t get hacked. If you didn’t know it already, you can learn from Sony PlayStation’s pain; they’ve just posted a two-year sales low, following the widely reported hacking of PlaySation Network (online gaming) and Qriocity (steams music, games, ebooks and music).

In April, PlayStation shut down its gaming and music platforms for months after hackers accessed the personal data of about 200 million PS network and Qriosity users. It was a disaster, and PlayStation only reopened the services under a month ago.

While they say user logins to PlayStation Network in the US have returned to a similar level to before the cyber attacks, the effect of the hacking can surely be seen in the dwindling console sales; falling by 600,000 to 1.8 million global sales, when compared to the same quarter last year.

While the ageing technology may discourage new users from buying in, Microsoft reported an increase in sales over the same period for its Xbox products (1.7 million sales compared to 1.5 million sales last year).

Nintendo came off worse than the old rival, though, posting a massive 50% lower sales for its Wii console. However, the once buzzed about gaming machine is the oldest of the bunch.

What’s next for PlaySation? Can they win consumers trust back? Would you be willing to give away your credit card details to a once-hacked server? Has everyone been hacked, so it doesn’t matter? Should PlayStation carry out some marketing boasting about new security measures, or is it unnecessary? Let us know your thoughts below.

BY Brendan Lawley ON 1 August 2011