Two videos courtesy of Sydney agency Colman Rasic Carrasco today. Radiohead and MTV Exit have teamed up with CRC Sydney to produce the bands new music video.

Radiohead rattled a few marketing cages with their release of In
Rainbows last year, by letting fans decide the price they wanted to pay
for the album. Their new collaboration with MTV Exit (MTVs project to
raise awareness about and increase prevention of human trafficking) is also generating plenty of press for the band.

Its great to be able to put a worthwhile message into a
format that can create its own audience., says Rebecca Carrasco from
colman rasic carrasco. The music video, directed by Steve Rogers
through Revolver in Sydney will run as of today on television, web and
mobile networks.

Check out the music video and also Radioheads Thom Yorke discussing the collaboration with MTV Exit:

All I Need music video

Thom Yorke discussing the collaboration with MTV Exit