River Island pioneers Google Cardboard virtual reality in fashion

Fashion fans at London’s BFC Fashion Film event will transform their smartphones into virtual reality headsets to experience content from fashion brand River Island via Google Cardboard.


River Island is the first fashion brand to use the new Google Cardboard ‘simple, fun and inexpensive’ cardboard headsets to create virtual reality films.

The brand is using the app to give users a 360 degree interactive film experience, building brand awareness and engagement for the new Design Forum x Jean-Pierre Braganza collection, launched this month.

Users simply download the app to their iOS or Android device, then insert their phone into a cardboard headset. After viewing the virtual reality experience, the app will also allow users to share a 3D image of a Kingfisher Bird across social platforms and shop the collection.

The Design Forum x Jean-Pierre Braganza collection is a partnership with the British Fashion Council which commissions young designers to create limited edition collections each season.


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Michelle Herbison
BY Michelle Herbison ON 10 February 2015
Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.
  • simon gosling

    I was at the event because my company, @happy_finish created the VR experience in collaboration with White Lodge. We’ve been working with Virtual Reality for almost 2 years now and this event at LFW was the best experience so far.
    Not long ago, VR headsets were big, solid black plastic, clumpy headsets with several wires hanging out of them, attached to a computer. At events you’d have to encourage bemused passers by to have a go. The Googlecardboard headsets at yesterday’s event were beautifully branded with Jean-Pierre Braganza’s vivid Kingfisher and chrome designs and the fashion crowd picked them up and used them without even thinking about it! In their masses, they simply downloaded the app to their phones, put them in the cardboard, et voila!!
    When asked, users commented on how futuristic the experience felt and how it added an exciting new dimension of storytelling to the whole experience.