SAP gets sappy: social analysis shows what women want on Valentine’s Day

Today is one of the biggest spending holidays for couples, and a good chance for brands to make themselves relevant and launch into marketing campaigns to appeal to those disorganised boyfriends, husbands and partners, who are still to pick up that special little gift.

SAP has showed off its capabilities by tapping into the social sphere to gain a bit of insight into the inner workings of the female brain and find out what women really want on this day.

What they discovered is that it’s the bubbles that will get the heart pumping this year: champagne beats flowers, according to social media, achieving over double the net sentiment percentage with 93%. In addition the female Australian population have given champagne a ‘passion intensity’ of 100 versus a score of only two for our default flower choice.

The ‘passion intensity’ score provided by SAP Social Media Analytics by NetBase is derived through a formula that takes into account the number of strong and weak emotions (both positive and negative) contained within posts. This formula, when applied to these words derives the respective passion intensity scores.

Here are the results in word clouds for terms and emotions: