Seven launches first internet TV channel, funded by pharma advertisers

Channel Seven is set to launch Australia’s first free-to-air television service delivered via the internet with new channel HealthyME TV. The Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) channel will be delivered to all internet-enabled televisions and other devices using hybrid broadcast broadband technology.

At last night’s programming launch in Sydney, Seven West Media announced that HealthyME TV will go online in the first quarter of next year and will target an older audience with the bulk of its brand-funded content will be derived from pharmaceutical advertisers with the bulk of its brand-funded content will be derived from pharmaceutical advertisers.

Seven West Media chief revenue officer Kurt Burnette described HeathyME TV as “a ground-breaking editorial-based IPTV channel” that will offer audience customised health content, while also providing pharmaceutical and health-related clients with a platform to showcase their products.

“We’ve identified the health category as a massive growth opportunity for Seven West Media,” Burnette says.

The decision to aim its first IPTV channel at the 50-plus age bracket follows criticism from rival networks that Seven has an ageing audience profile but Mr Burnette defended the decision saying Seven is determined to maintain its above 40% commercial revenue share.

“You don’t get to number one without having an older skewing audience, and we are not afraid to say that,” Burnette told The Australian.


BY Eleani Purcell ON 23 October 2013