Shoppers are most indecisive in supermarket fridge and freezer sections – study

Shoppers spend the most time browsing indecisively in the supermarket fridge and freezer sections, a TorchMedia and Hoop Group study has found.

The study used eye tracking software to examine 52 people during their typical weekly shop during regular shopping hours.

The results were collected over four days and over two advertising periods.

The study found customers showed a natural instinct towards matching in-store advertising fins with the advertised products.

The researchers recommended that fins showed the most potential for influencing purchase decisions in the fridge and freezer sections.

People were also more likely to be influenced by the fins when their colours and graphics were in-line with that of the product.

Hoop Group’s Liz Farquharson said:

“We noted that all Fins enjoyed a similar number of average views. However, people tended to spend more time exploring their options in the fridge and freezer sections. This allows more time for the creative to have an effect on the customer, and ultimately convert advertising into sales.”

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Michelle Herbison
BY Michelle Herbison ON 25 November 2014
Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.