Aussies have given their seal of approval to advertising on mobile phones, according to a recent study, which revealed most are equally as comfortable with mobile ads as those on TV or online.

The study conducted by inMobi found that three in five Australians are as comfortable, or even more so, with advertising delivered through mobile web or mobile apps compared to other forms of advertising.

However, the same study found that the majority of mobile usage was ‘me time’ rather than a ‘shared experience’. 51% use their mobiles while watching TV, 46% while lying in bed and 43% while waiting for something, highlighting just how personal the mobile device really is. The number of people who use their mobile while commuting came in lower at 22%.

According to regional head of InMobi, Australia and New Zealand, Francisco Cordero the findings show that Australians are ready for advertising on their mobiles.

“These are incredibly exciting findings for us, because they show just how ripe the Australian mobile advertising market is for growth,” Cordero says.

“As we move into 2012, we will continue to see these trends rapidly accelerate as consumers rely ever more heavily on their mobile device. While the opportunities to exploit mobile media remain strong, the stakeholders across the industry will be confronted with ongoing questions and challenges which need to be addressed in order to meet the growing expectations of the customer.”



Some of other the key findings in the Australian market show that mobile web has surpassed TV as a share of total media consumption and that 38% now see mobile as either their primary or exclusive means of going online.

Australians are spending 28% of their time tapping away at their mobile, which is more than any other type of media including TV. Social media, entertainment, and search are the top three activities conducted among mobile web users and the popularity of these tasks is expected to grow in the next 12 months.

Image credit: Sleeteye.