Super Bowl TV ads 2016

The NFL Super Bowl has become one of the key events of the world TV calendar. With its extremely high ratings – 114.4 million viewers in the USA in 2015 and millions more worldwide – it attracts high budget commercials, often featuring Hollywood celebrities. This year’s Super Bowl 50 is no exception, read on to find all this year’s commercials in one place.


This Australian entry won the Doritos ‘Crash the Super Bowl’ competition.

Doris Roberts is a youthful 32.


Pokemon celebrates 20 years and encourages people to ‘train on.’


Ryan Reynolds is everywhere. Literally everywhere, as two women take a drive through Ryanville in their Hyundai.

Don’t you hate it when you’re about to escape a bear, but starting your car costs you precious time? Hyundai have the answer.

Kevin Hart is an over protective dad. In this ad he uses his Hyundai to track his daughter on a date.


The 2017 Honda Ridgeline has an audio system that uses “exciters” to turn the entire truck bed into a giant speaker. The farmer in this ad has been using it around his sheep, who turn out to be gifted singers.


with the help of Amazon Echo, Alec Baldwin throws the ultimate Super Bowl party, with guests including Missy Elliot and Jason Schwartzman. The ad also releases Elliot’s latest single.

A confusing mashup of stars, features Jeff Goldblum singing the theme song to The Jeffersons while backed up by a gospel choir.


Marilyn Monroe belts out a far less appealing version of her famous serenade of President John F. Kennedy in the latest ad for the “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign.

Willem Dafoe joins Snickers to recreate Marilyn’s famous Subway grate shoot.


Wix have partnered with DreamWorks Animation and used the characters from the upcoming film Kung Fu Panda 3 to promote their product. After a series of failures, Po and friends discover that Wix is the best way to promote Mr. Ping’s noodles.

The characters of Kung Fu Panda recreate moments from famous Super Bowl ads to help promote

Shock Top

T.J. Miller engages in conversation with an orange.

Bud Light

Amy Schumer and Seth Rogen make an impassioned plea to Americans to unite – with Bud Light. Great cameo by Paul Rudd.


LG team up with Liam Neeson, who plays a man from the future, in this spot promoting the company’s OLED TV technology.

Cure Auto Insurance

The message in this one is clear – avoid distractions.

Mini USA

Serena Williams stars in this commercial, expanding on the message ‘defy labels,’ this car doesn’t care what you call it.

 Avocados From Mexico

Aliens are looking at human civilisation, the emoji alphabet, the white and gold (blue and black) dress that caused a ‘civil war,’ and our best achievement – avocados.


Because every house should have a Christopher Walken closet.


An retired astronaut has lost his zest for life. Until his son buys him an Audi. Set to the song ‘Starman’ by the late David Bowie.


Hellen Mirren teams up with Budweiser to send drink drivers a message.

Mountain Dew

Combines a puppy, monkey and baby to make one very strange commercial.


Drake happily ruins ‘Hotline bling’ for a group of telecommunication employees.

Taco Bell

The new offering, the Quesalupa, might just be bigger than everything.


Coca-Cola team up with Marvel in a spot that has The Hulk chasing Ant Man across town to retrieve a stolen can of Coke.


Check out this wiener stampede

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BY Tate Papworth ON 8 February 2016