The airline viral stunt to make you forget that festive season travel sucks

Whoa! WestJet’s ‘Real-time Giving’ YouTube video has received more than two million hits since being posted on YouTube on Monday and had the audacity to make the assistant editor of Marketing (who may have have just realised she is now talking about herself in the third person) cry at her desk.

WestJet asked its passengers to tell a ‘virtual Santa’ what they wanted for Christmas  before boarding a flight, and then packing the baggage carousel with their dream gifts when they arrived at their destination.

It’s a stunt solely designed to make us forget that travelling during holiday times sucks, to go viral and to get us all teary. And it’s worked.

And without giving too much away, our condolences go out to the guy that asked for socks and underwear.

Ah, Christmas!