The Mobile Playbook: the busy executive’s guide to winning with mobile

From Google’s head of mobile sales and strategy, Jason Spero, comes this handy ‘mobile playbook’, a resource billed as the go-to guide for busy executives looking to capitalise on the increasingly mobile-enabled market.

Spero writes that ‘The Mobile Playbook’ was spurred by marketers’ changing attitudes to the platform: “For the majority of businesses we speak with, the question is no longer ‘Why should I invest in mobile?’ – we’ve all read statistics about the tremendous adoption of mobile and tablet devices – but ‘How should I invest in mobile?’

‘The Mobile Playbook’ is Spero’s answer. Full of stats, checklists and real-world examples, the document covers people’s changing behaviour, how they’re shopping and researching, what they want, how to approach the mobile web and apps, and strategy for smartphones and tablet devices.

It’s available as a downloadable PDF, too, and of course, a mobile optimised version.

Spero concludes ‘The Mobile Playbook’ with this quote: “At Google, we believe that mobile represents a sociological shift with how users relate with both the digital and physical world. Businesses that understand this will win.”