The week’s top stories: Ikea Hackers, return on experience, smart beacons

The 10 most popular marketing news and opinion articles from for the work week ending Friday 20 June 2014.


1. Ikea Hackers legal action draws support for blogger but Ikea says it’s protecting customers, rights
– Michelle Herbison


2.  Measuring Return on Experience: it’s ROI for the age of storytelling
– John Cain, Todd Cherkasky and Rick Robinson


3. Smart beacons beckoning: why they’re a mobile marketer’s dream innovation
– Joe Barber


4. Double Trouble: Forget what you know about luxury marketing
– Kate Edwards and Dan Pankraz


5. Three brave marketing trend predictions for 2014 now that it’s half way through
– Karl Treacher


6. Marketing to marketers is the new business conundrum
– Rob Morrison


7. What fish can teach you about consumer behaviour
– Mark Razzell


8. Louis Vuitton ad placement fail shows that what’s in distress, ultimately, is media
– Patrick D’souza


9. Ikea Hackers gets call from Ikea following social media outcry, and the pair begin negotiations
– Michelle Herbison


10. McCann Australia scores top effectiveness award at Cannes for ‘Guilt Trip’ campaign
– Michelle Herbison



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