To coincide with the release of seven of our iMedia Brand Summit exclusive videos (with seven more to come!), the results from our latest poll are in.

Its good news for those businesses running events in Australia – it seems that 62% of you find summits and events in Australia useful.

A further 11% of you have iPhones and are not afraid to use them, and around 27% of you just love getting out of the office for a free feed.

But what we all really want to know is:

What can marketing events in Australia do better?

The challenge is officially laid down.

Come on, weve all sat around at events bored, fed up or even angry, and weve all been to great presentations and amazing conferences, so lets vent spleen right here in the comments and suggest three ways marketing events in Australia could improve.

Its always going to be a personal affair, but Id love to see a bit of a list grow here. With any luck conference and event organisers will stop by and contribute their thoughts too

So in the interests of getting the ball rolling, Ive put my three suggestions in the comments below

Come on then Aussie marketers – lets hear what youve got to say on the matter!