This week’s top stories: shamed Myer exec, brand vs sales, IBM’s Watson

The 10 most popular marketing news and opinion articles from for the work week ending Friday 27 June 2014.


1. You know that former Zara exec Myer poached? Zara’s never heard of him
– Peter Roper

2. Brand health versus sales volume – a delicate and misunderstood conundrum
– Nina Hendy

3. IBM Watson goes to work in the customer service department
– Peter Roper

4. Can a local operator succeed where Starbucks failed in Australia – by opening more stores?
– Michelle Herbison

5. Two firsts for Harley-Davidson: an electric motorcycle and a co-creation research project
– Michelle Herbison

6. Marketing magazine announces new editorial hire
– Peter Roper

7. How behavioural economics theory is being used to measure advertising effectiveness
– Peter Roper 

8. Brand chatter: the three principles of ‘always on’ communications
– Kathy Benson

9. What does Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ really do? Shine a torch into the attic of Unilever
– Patrick D’Souza 

10. Could Detroit’s revival have branding lessons for Australia’s car cities?
– Barrie Seppings


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Michelle Herbison
BY Michelle Herbison ON 27 June 2014
Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.