Woolworths wins raft of awards for private label packaging design

Woolworths’ own brand range has won its branding agency two gold and two silver international Vertex Awards for private-label packaging design.

Simon MacDonald, executive director of retail own brand (ROB) consulting firm Marque Brand Consultants, which worked with Woolworths on the branding, says the awards are testament to Woolworths’ innovative approach to branding. “It also recognises Woolworth’s quests for innovation across its’ entire own brand range. We are in good global company as a world leader in this important area of retailing,” he says.

A panel of industry experts from around the world judged the awards based on three criteria:

  • Creativity,
  • marketability, and
  • innovation.

More than 250 entries came from 55 retailers in 21 countries.


Gold Vertex Award for licensed or co-brand: Created with Jamie range

This project includes:

  • Packaging and in-store communications,
  • strong hero photography,
  • fresh colour palettes,
  • Jamie’s playful tone of voice,
  • hand-drawn illustrations, and
  • key selling messages around sustainability and provenance.


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Jamie_Vertex_MarqueBrandConsultants gold award


Gold Vertex Award for electronics: The Hub

This project aimed for a “tech-savvy and confident” look and feel by including:

  • A new brand for Woolworths aiming to strengthen perception of quality in its electrical goods,
  • white background with subtle graphics,
  • vibrant range of colours, and
  • simple typography.


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TechHub_Vertex_MarqueBrandConsultants gold


Silver Vertex Award for home decor: Inspire

This project also came in fourth overall. It aimed for a “modern and quality” look and feel by including:

  • A new brand for Woolworths to strengthen perception of quality in kitchen/homeware,
  • handwritten brand marque and icon,
  • editorial photography, and
  • textured charcoal grey brand colour.


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Inspire_Vertex_MarqueBrandConsultants 2nd silver and 4th overall


Silver Vertex Award for home decor: Essentials

This project created an entry-level brand for Woolworths’ general merchandise, including:

  • Lowercase sans serif aiming for a “friendly, welcoming feel”,
  • simple illustrations, and
  • quirky text.


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Essentials_Vertex_MarqueBrandConsultants silver




Michelle Herbison
BY Michelle Herbison ON 28 May 2015
Assistant editor, Marketing Magazine.