YouTube ‘Brand Channel Leaderboard’ for March 2014: video games, ripped abs and friendship bracelets

As brands continue to blur the line between advertiser and creator, YouTube has introduced a Brand Channel Leaderboard to recognise brands that regularly publish content and build fan bases (of active fans that share, rather than merely view).

Selection is based on an algorithm that factors in multiple signals of audience passion and popularity, including watch time, repeat viewership, likes and shares, surfacing only those channels that have the most engaged, active fan bases.

The Brand Channel Leaderboard showcases the most engaging advertiser channels on YouTube, with selection determined by an audience engagement metric that factors in watch time, repeat viewership, likes and shares.

Founder and CEO of inaugural number one, GoPro, Nicholas Woodman, had this to say: “It’s our customers’ fascinating content that makes the GoPro Channel on YouTube so engaging. There’s no script for the fantastic stories our customers are capturing and sharing every day.”

Here’s the YouTube Brand Channel Leaderboard, for March 2014:

1. GoPro

2. Six Pack Shortcuts

3. PlayStation

4. Warner Bros. Pictures

5. League of Legends

6. Sony Pictures

7. Call of Duty

8. Nintendo

9. Ubisoft

10. Rainbow Loom