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25-54s adore Attenborough


25-54s adore Attenborough


The Nine Network’s new wildlife documentary series, Tiger: Spy in the
has continued to draw audiences to the Monday 7.30pm timeslot,
following on from the success of Life in Cold Blood.

From the master of
natural history filmmaking, David Attenborough, Tiger: Spy in the
premiered Monday night as Nine’s number one program for 25-54s
and Total People.

In the target 25-54 demographic it attracted 638,000
people and averaged 1.49 million for Total People with an incredible
peak audience of two million. Tiger: Spy in the Jungle held its
audience incredibly well and actually built as the hour progressed.

final five minutes of the program averaged a 35 percent higher Total
People audience than the first five minutes.

Tiger was a timeslot
winner for 25-54s, 35-64s, 18-49s and Total People. It was the number
two ranked program of the night for 25-54s, 35-64s and Total People.


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