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51% of consumers to purchase via mobile


51% of consumers to purchase via mobile


Unsurprisingly interest in the newly launched iPad is high, with over 43 percent of consumers intending to purchase the device, according to research by Lasoo.com.au.

More than 180 consumers were included in the survey which gauged attitudes related to retail purchasing and the use of mobile devices.

Findings included consumers pointing to mobility as a key factor in influencing their purchasing decisions, with over half of all respondents (51 percent) stating that they are likely or extremely likely to make a purchase from a mobile device such as an iPad or mobile phone during the next few months. Most of the respondents (90 percent) answered that they were likely or very likely to research a purchase online before proceeding to buy the item offline within the next four weeks.

“Shoppers have embraced the flexibility that the new generation of mobile devices has given them. While some buying decisions may still entail a visit to a store or browsing through a catalogue, many buyers are now conducting their research online – through multiple devices. This may be during the evening while cooking dinner or watching TV, or while travelling to work on the bus in the morning. The smart retailers recognise this and are building multi-channel marketing programs to capture and motivate these mobile consumers,” says Lasoo.com.au CEO, Paul Marshall.

The research points to growth in the continuing partial attention phenomena, with 37 percent of consumers admitting that they divided their attention between television and their smart phone or mobile device. A further 32 percent watch television while also working with a laptop or ultra portable computer device and only 7 percent of viewers stated that they focus exclusively on the television.

Print publishers have also found ways of tapping into purchasing decisions by offering the consumers new ways of acquiring their magazines. Australian Macworld, also published by Niche Media, has offered their readers the June issue for purchase on the iPad.

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