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Acxioms Customer Information Solution selected by Golden Glow


Acxioms Customer Information Solution selected by Golden Glow


Acxiom® Corporation (Nasdaq: ACXM), a global leader in customer information management and technology, recently announced the selection of its Customer Information Solution by Golden Glow Natural Health Products (Golden Glow®), Australia’s largest and most trusted vitamin and supplement mail order business.

Acxiom’s Customer Information Solution will enable Golden Glow to use customer life stage and lifestyle knowledge for more effective targeting for multi-channel marketing. In addition, Acxiom will automate a number of lengthy, manual processes and introduce sophisticated online reporting. Golden Glow will use Acxiom’s data enrichment services, as well as Acxiom’s IntegraLOOP-X and PersonicX® solutions for customer management and life stage segmentation.

Mark Luscombe, customer data analyst with Golden Glow, said, Golden Glow was actively searching the market for a solution that would enable us to operate more efficiently. First and foremost among our requirements was finding a way to better service our customers. Acxiom’s solution provides us with the ability to understand our best
customers, allowing better targeting of premium offers to select
customer groups. Promotional offers can be made more compelling and relevant, respective
to the profile of the customer. Cross-channel campaign management will
also ensure that customers receive promotional offers via their
preferred method of communication without risk of duplication.

Paul Turner, CEO Acxiom Australia and New Zealand (pictured), said, Acxiom is delighted to be entering into a partnership with Golden Glow. Golden Glow is committed to quality and the care of its customers, and, with Acxiom’s Customer Information Solution, will realise a significant improvement in the value of those customer relationships. Our hosted solution is scalable, and the range of functionality will be able to expand and evolve with Golden Glow’s requirements in order to meet the company’s future business objectives. We look forward to working with Golden Glow for years to come.

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