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Ad ethics under review


Ad ethics under review


The Australian Association (AANA) Code of Ethics is to undergo a review by the Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) with the objective of updating and developing the code to meet all stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.

The review will include an open public consultation, anticipated to commence in July 2010, with the publication of a discussion paper which will be available for comment by all interested stakeholders.

Scott McClellan, CEO of AANA expressed the importance of the review, “The Code of Ethics is referenced extensively by advertisers, their agencies and the media, as well as being acknowledged by the community as setting the standard for ethical behaviour in marketing communication.”

The AANA additionally claims to identify the need for guidance or practice notes to assist advertisers, their agencies and other suppliers, and the Advertising Standards Board in applying and interpreting the codes.According to many industry bodies this review is well overdue.

David Leesong, CEO of The Communications Council commented, “It is essential our advertising communications are in step with community expectations and this review provides a timely opportunity to make sure self-regulation is operating as efficiently as possible.”

CEO of the Australian Toy Association (ATA), Beverly Jenkin is in agreement with Leeson:

With communications and media rapidly converging it is timely for the central code which underpins standards for marketing and advertising activity to be reviewed. This is particularly relevant for the toy industry as the AANA Code is referenced in ATAs own code.

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