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ADMA distances itself from pornographic mailshot


ADMA distances itself from pornographic mailshot


And who says DM isnt sexy?

CEO of the Australian Direct Marketing Association (ADMA), Mr Rob Edwards, said recently that ADMA in no way endorses a pornographic catalogue that has been mailed to a large number of consumers.

“We do not endorse this material, to the contrary it is extremely offensive and we will be doing our utmost to protect ADMA’s strong brand by taking appropriate legal action against the publishers,” Mr Edwards said.

“Further, we have referred the material to the relevant authorities, including the Classification Board, and we would hope that they take urgent and appropriate action.”

The National Classification Code under the Federal Classification (Publications, Films and Computer Games) Act 1995 contains the general principles which form the basis of the Classification Guidelines and states the following.

“Classification decisions are to give effect, as far as possible, to the following principles:

  • (a) adults should be able to read, hear and see what they want;

  • (b) minors should be protected from material likely to harm or disturb them;

  • (c) everyone should be protected from exposure to unsolicited material that they find offensive;

  • (d) the need to take account of community concerns about:

  •                (i) depictions that condone or incite violence, particularly sexual violence; and

  •                (ii) the portrayal of persons in a demeaning manner.”

“The unsolicited catalogue in question has not been produced by an ADMA member. It is not endorsed by ADMA and it is totally irresponsible marketing,” Mr Edwards said.

“Ultimately the Classification Board may decide just how offensive this catalogue is but in ADMA’s view this kind of unsolicited material is totally unacceptable.”

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